Naval Teams Challenge 2024

It is a team competition where each single team will represent its naval association. Each naval association will form a team composed of a maximum of 4 operators. Each naval association can compete with a maximum of three teams. The competition consists of connecting several amateur radio stations in mixed mode (SSB and CW). Connections with stations belonging to naval associations are worth 10 points, independent stations are worth 1 point, each connected country is worth a multiplier. Stations can only be connected once regardless of the mode, the double connection is canceled.
The team must consist of stations from the same state / country.
Each association must indicate to the contest manager the three callsign (they can also be special call as long as you have the registration number of your association) used for the competition.
The race will be held in January, from 08:00 UTC on 20 January to 20:00 UTC on 21 January 2024.
The winning team will be elected „NAVAL TEAM TOP PLAYERS“ and the naval association / club will be awarded the „TOP NAVAL CLUB 2024“ badge.


  • CALL SIGN: Special call sign or section call sign registered with the naval association can be used.
  • TEAMS: Maximum three for each association.
  • OPERATORS: From 2 to a maximum of 4 operators for teams.
  • METHOD OF OPERATIONS : Operators can operate with two devices simultaneously, one in PHONE and the other in CW. They can operate in the same band separately, one in Voice and the other in CW. There cannot be two stations with the same call at the same time on PHONE or CW in same band. It is not necessary to operate from the section, they can operate from their QRA (rule only for Italian stations according to the current regulations). Current local regulations apply to European stations. It is mandatory that operators are from the same region / state.


    It will start on Jannuary 20, 2024 (08:00 utc – 09:00 Italian time) and will end on 21 Jannuary 2024 (20:00 utc – 21.00 Italian time).
  • BAND The following bands are allowed: 10m – 15m – 20m – 40m – 80m
  • WORKING FREQUENCIES CW: 3,555 – 7,020 – 14,020 – 21,020 – 28,020 SSB: 3,735 – 7,060 – 14,290 – 21,220 – 28,450
  • The (special) stations competing (teams) will pass the RST report followed by the initials of the naval club and the registration number (e.g. 599MI300)
  • The NAVAL stations belonging to the various naval associations will pass the RST report followed by the initials of the naval club and the registration number (e.g. 599CA113)
  • Non-enrolled (INDEPENDENT) will pass the RST report followed by a progressive number starting from 001 (eg 599001).
  • POINTS – NAVAL stations: 10 points
  • INDEPENDENT stations: 1 point
    Each station can be rated only once per permitted band.
    NAVAL stations may participate only with ONE Naval Club number.
    Each country worked by a NAVAL participant counts only once as a multiplier
    It is obtained by multiplying the sum of the QSO points by the sum of the multipliers
  • TEAMS: the first classified will be awarded with the “NAVAL TEAM TOP PLAYERS” cup.
    Second and third place with paper certificate.
  • NAVAL: the first classified will be awarded with a paper certificate.
  • INDEPENDENT: the first classified will be awarded with a paper certificate.
    All the stations that will certify, via log, the connections made, will receive a free diploma of participation in the race with relative position.
    For those who want the „INTERNATIONAL NAVY CHALLENGE plaque“ personalized with the name, they can send the sum of € 40,00 including shipping costs via PayPal (
  • LOGS.
    The following electronic logs are accepted in the following format: Cabrillo, Excel, ADIF (CBR; XLS; ADI).
    All logs must indicate the station name and the initials of the naval club and the registration number. If any of these attributes are not reported, the log is excluded from the count.
    The log is expected to end with a calculation of the total score by the operator.
    All logs received will be checked by the contest manager and the final decision will be final and unquestionable.
    All electronic logs must be sent to the following e-mail address:
  • Last useful day to receive the logs:
    not later than 5 February 2024 (postmark will be considered valid).

Die Originalausschreibung ist auf der website der ARMI zu finden: