06 Jan

MF Activity Week 2019

The MF Runde e.V. arranges

from Monday 04th February 2019 to Friday 08th February 2019
daily from 10:00 (UTC) until 18:00 (UTC)

its annual Radio Activity Week. It is not a contest but the aim is mainly the small talk between MF stations and others.

In order to make the modes RTTY and PSK31 much more active, the time period between 17:00 UTC until 18:00 UTC is designated especially for use in these digital modes.

Non-German MF Club Stations can also be worked during this activity. Therefore, this is another chance to work rare MF Stations for the popular MF Runde awards.

There are no designated different classes, all stations (incl. clubstations) are working in one and the same class. Likewise there are not any restrictions in modes, even though MF stations regularely work in CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31.

The operator of a Club station can give his personel MF No. as an additional valid QSO point. Of course, this Op cannot submit a 2nd log, additionally to the club station log. This demands sportsmenship and makes equivalent evaluation only possible.

All other MF stations which submit a MF No. maintain this number during the entire MF Activity Weekend.

SWL’s log only the one way QSO, not also in reverse order.

Conditions of entry:

Eligible are all amateur radio stations. Aim is to work as many MF stations as possible. The individual who works at least 25 MF stations (incl. club stations) will get a very beautiful printed confirmation sheet.

The one who works the most MF stations will get an appreciation trophy in form of a cup.

The participant who works 25 MF members as well as the overall number of QSOs within the time period will get a very attractiv ship-in-a-bottle.

The fairness forces not to describe contest QSO in this kind!

MF Activity main frequencies:

























To submit:

The submitted log list may be sent by snail mail in paper form or as email addendum (XLS, DOC, PDF, TXT, ADIF, Cabrillo legible formats).

Submit to:

Albert Homrighausen (DF8LD)
Am Fliederbogen 2
24980 Schafflund


mailto: df8ld (at) darc.de

Deadline 01/03/2019

Operators who only worked a few QSOs are asked to make their logs available as check logs only.

13 Oct

International Naval Contest 2018


The Portuguese Navy Hamradio Club – NRA, has the honour of inviting amateurs from all over the world in general and in particular all members of International Naval Hamradio Clubs to take part in the International Naval Contest (INC) 2018 which take place every year on the second weekend of December.

This year: 8th December 2018 16:00 UTC to 9th December 2018 15:59 UTC

Bands: 3.5 – 7 – 14 – 21 – 28 MHz

Preferred frequencies: CW: 3,565 – 7,020 – 14,055 – 21,160 – 28,350 MHz

SSB: 3,625 – 7,060 – 14,303 – 21,175 – 28,993 MHz

Mode: CW – SSB – Mixed


  1. Naval Club Member: RST+CLUB+MEMBERSHIP NUMBER (eg. “599 PN070”

  2. Non-Naval Member: RST+NUMBER (eg. “599 001”)


1. Naval club members:10 Point

2. Non-Naval members:1 Point


  1. Each station may be worked once per band.

  2. Each logged member of a Naval Club is counted only once as a multiplier, even if he or she has worked on multiple bands.

Score: Total QSO points * Multipliers = total score

Participating Naval Clubs:



Associazione Radioamatori Marinai Italiani:



Belgian Maritime Amateur Radio Society:



Finnish Naval Amateur Radio Society:



Italian Naval “Old Rhythmers” Club”:



Marine Amateur Radio Club Netherlands:



Marinefunker-Runde e.V.:



Marine Funker Club Austria:



Núcleo de Radio Amadores da Armada Portugal:



Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society:



Romanian Marine Radio Amateur Club:



Participating classes:

A = Naval Station all band mixed mode (single op)

B = Naval Station all band CW (single op)

C = Naval Station all band SSB (single op)

D = All band SWL

E = Naval Club Station (multi op)

F = Non-Naval Station

G = Check Log

Note: Participation in the contest is allowed under only one membership number.

Trophies: Award for 1st 2nd and 3rd rank per class;

Certificates: Certificates of participation to all participants;

Note: Awards and Certificates will be automatically generated by the system and sent to the log owner in PDF Format;


  1. Logs are to be uploaded to the contest site under Cabrillo format: https://inc2018.nra.pt/logsubmit

  2. Information about Contest is available at dedicated site: https://inc2018.nra.pt

Dead Line: Logs are to be uploaded till 2018 December 31st;


For any question please contact David, CT1DRB, contest manager, through e-mail: inc2018@nra.pt

16 Sep

New Layout

Dear visitor,

as you may noticed, we have relaunched our webpage with a new layout. We are proud to present the changes and hope you like the new setup.

We implemented several new features in safety and usability on mobile devices next to the optical changes.

We hope your will find the content you are looking for.

Best Regards,

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